Foreign Intervention

     The politicians in Washington D.C. have done their best to manufacture wars in order to create business for the Miliary Industrial Complex.  I recently had a debate one time with a fellow vet about when we should be going to war, and his statement, while it did not really work for his argument, was righ on.  "We must never go to war except as a last resort."  

Too often it is not the "last resort," but the first.  It cannot be overstated that too many can't remember a time when the United States was not initiating military aggression.  

Meanwhile our nation's debt climbs at a breathtaking rate, and the human cost is even worse.  I am a veteran who has worked with “Wounded Warriors,” and “Face of America,” and I strongly suggest that all people take some time to volunteer with these organizations if for no other reason than to see the cost nobody sees.  

  I would work to help us all see an end to these tragic expenses.






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