I fully support an Independent citizens redistricting commission!

(provided it remains independent, which it should)

Given the fact that the establishment is responsible for drawing the districts, and given the fact that the establishment party in power, whichever one happens to be in power, will ALWAYS draw districts in a way that benefits that particular party. This means that we keep re-electing the same politician who is going to serve his/her own personal interest as a career politician instead of doing what needs to be done, (represent the people of each respective district.)

We continue to allow these practices to continue, and it creates an atmosphere where there is exactly 0 accountability. We cannot continue to keep doing things the way they have been done. When I say Unity With Principle, that means I have the expectation that we will ALL be working together in order to make our home the best it can be. I do not care what party, or any other characteristic someone has, come work!


Havingbeen removed from the ballot, I am currently running a write in campaign, and I am looking for volunteers to help!

There has been a consistent number of posts comparing my opponents, since the day Scott declared he was running.  One thing that people cannot do is suggest that I have the same ideas regarding how people should be living their lives, spending their money, educating their children.  Some have been critical of me because they hear that I am interested in something and they assume that I am interested in a state solution to the problem.  To be clear, I do not trust the DMV with anything.  Government agencies tend to operate in that sort of fashion, I would prefer a free market solution to government created problems.  (Instead of putting the DMV in charge of fixing the problems it created!)

I have been out meeting people speaking with them, and what I have learned most is that people are fed up and tired.  They are no longer interested in not being represented, and as such have removed themselves from the process.  This is TRAGIC!  However it CAN be avoided.  IF more voices are heard during this process, more voters will become engaged, and more people will start helping to work within projects designed to make them more free.

Obviously, I do not have a large organization, but I know that there are many out there who believe that government is entirely too large, that $21 Trillion dollars in debt is too much, and $120 Trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities, (that we are aware of), is unacceptable.  IF we elect either of my opponents, we will continue the way we have been.  


However, if we are to change the way things are, WE ALL need to change the way things are!


Please browse my web page, and if you have questions, please feel free to ask!




Steve Scheetz





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