Health Care Finance Reform

     Being a candidate and talking to people about the healthcare finance debate, I have learned a couple of things about the people in our district.  

    1.  When we speak about healthcare, some think we are discussing access to healthcare, while others are discussing the financing aspect.

    2.  While there is disagreement regarding who should pay for healthcare, there is nearly universal desire for people to have access to healthcare.    



Some within our district believe that the taxpayers need to be financing healthcare for all people.  However, there are many people who disagree with this, or would if they saw a more viable solution.  Within our nation, access to healthcare happens regardless of what people think or say.  This being said, it is not a right for someone to force another person to pay for his/her healthcare service, and must NEVER be an expectation.

The solution embraced by many within the field of healthcare finance is to increast the amount of transparency within the process.  Allowing people who are not in emergency situations to shop around for the best prices, instead of not knowing how much a procedure costs until the bill arrives, is one way in which we can increase competition, decrease prices, increase the quality of service, because like all businesses who work within a competitive market, that is how business happens.  This solution, while not perfect, will change the dynamic of the entire industry over time, and since we have not arrived at this place where costs continue to skyrocket while people wait for procedures, we should have the expectation that change will take time to realize.  The free market takes time for success, the government takes time to demonstrate its failure.  My suggestion is to work toward a different solution, one that we have not seen fail in the past.

In the meantime, There is a large number of people within the district, myself included, who are very much interested in helping those who need help, but we wish to do this on our own terms.  






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