First I want to say thank you clicking on my donations page!  The Libertarian Philosophy that centers on people being able to live their own lives is nothing new, and I am thrilled that you liked what you have read enough to join me in the effort to return control back to We The People!  It has been a very long time since a Libertarian has been on the Ballot for Congress here in Bucks County, and your contribution will go toward ballot access and toward changing the conversation to one that centers less on what the establishment wants, and more on what the people here in the first need!  The regulations regarding campaign finance require me to ask for your name, address, and occupation.  Please use the contact form, and your information will be used for nothing else other than informing the FEC and the PA State Department, unless you ask me to keep in touch. 

<alert!!>  My donate button does not always work for some reason.  So if you are unable to make that link work, please go to and send money to when you do this, I STILL need your name, address, and occupation/employer.

If my message motivates you to want to volunteer, come out, visit, or join the party, I urge you not to wait!  Thank you again!




Steve Scheetz







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