Steve Scheetz for Congress in Pennsylvania District 1

During the RNC and the DNC convention in 2016, I met some pissed off delegates.  The common theme had to do with their candidate not being treated fairly, and as such, they were not only being unrepresented, but their beliefs were handled in a way that they were not even important enough to be considered. 

This past election cycle, many people voted in favor of a person to represent the interests of the people living in the first district to congress here in Pennsylvania’s Bucks and Montgomery County.  In 2018, I met a large number of people during my run, and what I found, was that I was not talking to Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians or Greens, I was talking to people with families.  Heartened to the belief that we all want the best for our families, we want to improve our homes, our towns, and while we may have different ideas as to what is most important to work on first, or different ideas as to how to fix certain specific problems, but we can all agree that we want to be more free to live our lives, and no matter which philosophical background one comes from, we can all pick issues where we do not want government solutions to be applied.

My goal is to change everything about the way issues are being framed.  If the only solution involves how much more government we need to solve a problem government created, then we need to discuss alternatives!

I know that we will be able to find those issues where we can all come together and tell the powers that be that we no longer need the input of a bureaucracy that is too disconnected to determine what it is that we need in our district.  There is a great deal of work to be done, and we cannot afford to trust someone else to make it happen.  Come work with me and let’s make our home the best it can be!