Steve Scheetz  Bio

     Being Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania has taught him that ego has no place in politics.  The reality is that if anyone is to achieve anything, politically, there needs to be reliance upon people.  He has been working (with some success) to unify the various factions within the party while making various projects a reality.  For example, he brought Gay and Muslim activists together to form “People Against the Initiation of Violence” in the wake of the Orlando Shooting in June of 2016.  Together, they spoke out against Xenophobia, Homophobia, Fear, Hatred, and most especially, Violence.   His group “Libertarians Spreading Libertarianism” worked on Libertarian outreach at the RNC convention in Cleveland, OH, and the DNC convention in Philadelphia.  In 2017 he continued his work bringing people together speaking at several conventions, his message of Unity with Principle continues to resonate with all people not just Libertarians.  During the summer, he started discussing the issues with his opponent, sitting Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick in an effort to demonstrate the Libertarian Principles and how they can help the people here in District 8. 

     Steve’s answer to government monopoly is the free market, and while this comes with the understanding that we need to have working solutions firmly in place before removing their corresponding government counterparts, there is no doubt that We The People can formulate better solutions when we work together than the government has provided.  Having brought a group of Republicans, Democrats, Socialists, Communists, Greens, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Rightists, AND Leftists (who did not wish to identify with any of the others as that group protested a drone base in Willow Grove, PA, he understands what it takes to bring that band back together again. 

     “Unity With Principle”   That band needs to be brought back together again to create a free market solution to ALL of the issues plaguing our nation, starting with the Injustice System!  We do not do any of this by ourselves, nor do we accomplish anything in the vacuum of which Libertarianism is the best Libertarianism.  Steve’s goal is to encourage everyone to put egos aside, work together, and make something meaningful happen for our nation, for our party, for our families, and for ourselves.

     Being a current member of the Libertarian Party Platform Committee, he will be working, ahead of the convention in July, to make the Libertarian Platform that much better with the help of the delegates at that convention! 






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